World’s first home hydrogen battery can power your how’s for 3 days and is fully recyclable

The events in Texas are showcasing the need for more stable and consistent power supplies and a start-up company called LAVO in Australia has a solution. It’s a solar battery that is part of a renewable, hydrogen powered energy system. At full charge, the battery can power a hose for about three days.

Alan Yu, CEO of LAVO, talked about his technology in a recent interview:

LAVO is headquartered in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Our technology is truly Australian – from research to development to commercialisation.

LAVO™ is changing the way people live with energy. As the world’s first hydrogen technology and lifestyle company, LAVO™ designs and manufactures renewable hydrogen energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use. The LAVO System uses innovative, patented metal hydride technology to store hydrogen equivalent to up to 40kWh electricity – enough to power an average household for more than two days without the reliance of the grid.

Our technology is highly versatile and scalable, with a diverse range of potential everyday applications. We are already in the process of developing multiple lifestyle technology products, including a hydrogen-powered barbecue and bicycle. LAVO™ will challenge convention, spark a global conversation and enable a meaningful change in attitudes and behaviours around sustainability, the environment and responsible consumerism.

The technology hopes to address the old complaint about solar panels being ineffective during the nighttime or during cloudy days by storing energy.

For homes in New South Wales, Australia, LAVO is offering a new product. It’s the size of a home refrigerator and it hooks up to the water main and a rooftop solar array. The power an electrolyzer to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen, with the former going into the patented hydride storage material, and the latter simply returning into the air.

The LAVO hydrogen battery can store 3x more power than comparable home lithium battery systems. The battery system is also designed to be far safer than current conventional technologies, with a product life of around 30 years and is fully recyclable.

Previous attempts at the technology had some fire hazard risks, but the hydrogen is stored in a solid-state rather than a liquid or gas. Within the battery is a bank of detachable units that can also be used to power other hydrogen-electric machines from LAVO—including a bicycle and a barbecue.

Company spokespeople say an eco-lodge has already pre-ordered one, while Gowings Bros, an Australian investment company and clothing business, announced in January it had signed-on as an investor to LAVO, committing to buy 200 batteries for its properties across the country.

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