Hyzon Motors building fuel cell facility in Bolingbrook for hydrogen-powered trucks – Chicago Tribune

Expected to begin operation in the fourth quarter, the 28,000-square-foot facility will have the capacity to help produce up to 12,000 hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks annually. Hyzon is planning to hire up to 50 full-time employees in Bolingbrook this year, with the hopes of expanding its facilities and its workforce down the road, the company said Monday.

Hydrogen is an alternative fuel used to power zero-emission electric vehicles, from cars to commercial trucks. Hyzon’s parent company, Singapore-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, has been developing the technology since 2003, but the alternative power source has been slow to gain traction in the U.S. and other markets.

Launched last year, Hyzon is developing its own line of branded commercial trucks and buses to meet what it projects as growing demand for the heavy-duty hydrogen-powered vehicles as more countries look to limit carbon emissions. The power source is touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel engines.

Located in an industrial park near I-55, the leased Bolingbrook facility will produce the membrane electrode assembly — the guts of the fuel cell — which will then be shipped to Rochester for final assembly of the power source. The membrane electrode assembly has previously been made at a factory in China, Knight said.

Hyzon Motors is planning to go public through a special purpose acquisition company during the second quarter with a $2.1 billion enterprise value. The company projects the commercial hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle market to grow from $1 billion to $20 billion over the next decade, according to an investor presentation.

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