Hydrogen project fuels Latrobe Valley job hopes as coal plants close

In the push to slow global warming, hydrogen – which burns cleanly and emits only water – is touted as a growth technology, both for its ability to store and export renewably sourced energy and for its potential to be used in difficult-to-decarbonise parts of the economy such as heavy transport or manufacturing plants,

For hydrogen to have a role in the clean energy transition, it must be developed without creating any emissions. “Green” hydrogen is produced from renewable energy, while “blue” hydrogen is made from coal or gas in conjunction with carbon capture and storage technology, making the end product emissions-free.

Although the carbon capture and storage component of the Latrobe Valley hydrogen project has not yet begun, it would be a necessary condition for it to progress to full commercial scale. During the pilot phase, the project is required to offset all of its emissions.

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas said the project had the potential to create thousands of jobs “while helping to pave the way for a clean, renewable future”. The Andrews government is also investing in the related carbon capture and storage project known as CarbonNet.

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