Clean Hydrogen Industry Report

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Our Clean Hydrogen Industry Report Volume 1 is now available for purchase.

Compiled by our in-house research team, this report provides an overview of the worldwide Clean Hydrogen Industry’s rapidly growing landscape.

2020 was the year in which Hydrogen’s potential in the global energy system has achieved critical significance.

We at Hydrogen Gazette continue to monitor and observe the Clean Hydrogen Industry, to allow our readers to navigate this fast-paced industry with ease. On a strategic level, the European Union, the United States and China are on the verge of becoming global leaders in the technology. While National Hydrogen Strategies have been launched across the globe, the current bottleneck lies within the private Hydrogen industry. While multiple companies have cemented their name within the sector through meaningful partnerships or substantial expansion, it is still too early to tell where and when industry-leaders will emerge. We, therefore, expect to see further significant growth in the industry, with possible consolidation waves amongst smaller companies once public adoption of Clean Hydrogen products and services occurs.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introdution
  • Pathway to Market Adoption
    • Market Development
    • Cost Competitiveness
  • Who is leading the market?
    • Country Level Overview
    • Key National Hydrogen Strategies and Policies
    • Map of country-level Support for Hydrogen Development
    • Map of Clean Hydrogen Projects Currently in Operation
    • Map of Clean Hydrogen Projects Currently in Development
    • Company Level Overview
  • List of Clean Hydrogen Projects in Development
    • Further Detail on Companies Involved in Clean Hydrogen Projects

Clean Hydrogen Industry Report Volume 1 – 2021


  • 26 Pages
  • Immediately downloadable
  • Includes our Clean Hydrogen Project Database
  • Published January 2021